Healing-Centered Drug Education

Healing-Centered Drug EducationHealing-Centered Drug EducationHealing-Centered Drug EducationHealing-Centered Drug Education

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What students are saying

“Rhana’s presentations have educated students about drugs without shaming them for using them, allowing them to make their own decision using the knowledge that they have gained.”

-Stephan (OUSD) 

"At first I was skeptical of receiving support since drugs were such a negative topic, especially with Adults. But Rhana was accepting of us and was non-judgemental. She taught me how drugs affect brain chemistry and who you are as a person, never once with the agenda of changing us. I started to understand myself more, I started to become more aware of my behavior, and through that, I decided to cut back, and eventually go completely sober. I realized I was happier sober." 

-Anonymous Youth (OUSD) 

"I am one of many students that Rhana has inspired to reduce their drug use and question themselves.”

-Anonymous Youth (OUSD) 

What parents are saying

“Understanding the science of addiction was eye-opening, and removed a lot of the stigma and shame associated with drug addiction/use.  Rhana's weekly peer group discussions helped my son reconnect with his peers, and rebuilt his self-worth by opening his eyes to the power he has over his choices and future. A traditional punishment based program does not provide this growth.  Our son has benefited and grown tremendously thru his interactions with Rhana, and sees a future of opportunity ahead where there was only shame and struggle before.”

- Parent of OUSD High School Youth 

Rhana's presentation on "How to talk to Your Kids about Drugs" was so helpful and insightful. She did an excellent job of pairing the hard-science with the soft skills necessary to equip us [parents]with the tools to start conversations about drugs with our kids."

- Parent of Nueva School 9th Grader 

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